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Get to know the best Activities in Bavaro Punta Cana for your Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Party.


Discover the Items you need for your Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Party.


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We have created a wide variety of activities so that you do not miss that great party that is your Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Party in Bavaro Punta Cana.

Punta Cana Boat Party: Enjoying the beach and the sea are one of the reasons why many people come to the Bavaro Punta Cana area, and if you are one of those people this activity is perfect for you, a Private Boat for you and your friends while enjoying a great Bachelor Party or Bachelorette Party is something you should not miss.

Buggies Excursion in Punta Cana: if you are one of those who wants to take advantage of as much time as possible and do not want to miss doing this activity that is favorite by many of our visitors in Bavaro Punta Cana, this activity combines the excitement of the Buggie Excursion and your big bachelor or bachelorette party.

Photography of Punta Cana Beach: If you are looking for great memories without a lot of partying, this is the perfect activity for you, with this option you can take advantage of one of the best beaches in the Bavaro Punta Cana area with incredible photos to remember it.

Private Pool Party: If you like to take a dip while drinking alcohol, listening to good music and in a Private environment to enjoy your way, then this is the activity you need.

Punta Cana Private Party: This activity is perfect for those who just want to enjoy and get a little crazy with friends, music, alcohol, games and dances is what you will find in a totally Private place.

Local Disco Club Punta Cana: For those who would like to know what a Local Club in Bavaro Punta Cana is like, this is the perfect activity, seeing, knowing and enjoying the typical dances of the country surrounded by local people in a VIP environment will make you see and enjoy In a way you never imagined

Private Hotel Punta Cana: Without a doubt, the most complete Package for your great Party, Hotel and Private Party in one place is little for what you live with this Activity, which includes Private Hotel, Party, Excursions, Photography and more.

Luxury yacht Bavaro Punta Cana: If you are one of those who like the sea but want something more exclusive and private with your friends, this activity is what you need.

Punta Cana Private Beach: If you want to celebrate in a big way, this is the party you want. A private beach with lights, music, alcohol and lots of fun is what awaits you surrounded by sand and privacy.

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